To see the future, look to the past.

Probably the earliest recorded example of Digital Signal Processing dates back to 2500 BC. The powerful kingdom of Egypt stretched some 1,000 km south of the Nile’s delta – its population occupied but a few kilometers either side of the river.

The only inhabitable areas in an otherwise desert expanse were the river banks; fertilized by seasonal floods which left a thin layer of nutrient-rich silt capable to support the full agricultural cycle.

Infrequent flooding which resulted in little or no yield prompted the pharaohs to study flood trends with the view to predict agricultural yield to maintain a dynamic taxation and redistribution mechanism.

Using “nilometers” – a series of measuring stations – they kept record of flood patterns as reliable digital signals defined in twelve month cycles.

Arguably the oldest example of reliable digital signals The Palermo Stone recorded data of pharaoh names and annual flood level.

Believing in observed information.

Looking back into the future … investment in observed information proved to be successful since 2500 BC and little doubt of many an example of earlier feats to celebrate human intelligence. How much further do we want to go back to believe in our own worth?

The science and influences of Digital Signal Processing has been part of our lives for centuries before modern man and woman’s birth. In virtually all circumstances the collective “we” have been unaware and unaffected by the value DSP adds to our wellbeing and quality of life.

The purpose of this writing? To bring dead facts to life, raise awareness of the role Digital Signal Processing plays in our everyday lives and to commit our investors to hold us to The Believability Rule.

Not unlike the pharaohs of 2500 BC, Empiric Capital believes in human capital and converting observed information into successful, intelligent technology based wealth generation solutions.