Speech to data. In 1’s and 0’s.

From as early as the ‘60’s, scientists, assisted by computers, toiled to reduce the human language to two numbers – one and zero. Fifty years later speech recognition is recognized as one of the most advanced data analysis fields.

Imagine if you will, the cacophony of calling in a colony of emperor penguins. With no fixed nest site to locate its partner, the emperor penguin relies solely on vocal calls for “long distance” identification. Effective and quality communication relies on the ability to identify appropriate signals in a sea of noise.

Speech Recognition (SR) is a collective of human intelligence, research and knowledge integration anchored in the linguistic, computer science, and machine learning fields. It focuses on developing technologies to recognize and translate spoken languages into logic based machine code.

How does speech recognition work? In a nutshell – speech input signals are converted into well-structured sequences of words in the form of algorithms. The outcome? A qualitative and quantitative contribution to an accumulation of accurate and relevant computer readable data patterns. What benefits does SR hold for our investors? A differentiated approach to improving return on investment …

Curious minds know no limits.

Why do we do it? Think of the millions of data created by global financial markets every day. The hidden patterns in this data present millions of investment opportunities lost because of the human inability to be omnipresent, to absorb, capture and compute. All of which amounts to billions in lost returns for investors.

SR is another proven example of logic based collaboration between man and machine. When using signal processing developed for linguistics and text sentiment, the interrogation of natural speech offers uncountable permutations for analysis. Using the same techniques in investment management, the effects brought to bear on productivity and investment performance are virtually limitless.

Our continuous quest to build new algorithms – to open new data sources, to help make considered investment decisions – demonstrates our commitment to investors. Hearing is Believing.