The Believability Rule.

Empiric Capital’s philosophy is founded in the belief the best way to predict the future is to create it. “Our challenge? To combine unbiased human intelligence and technology and to formulate new ideas that better interpret data than the stale paradigm of conventional investment practices.” Johan Pretorius, Founder and CEO Empiric Managed Capital.

To arrive at factual conclusions as to “why”, the Empiric team developed mathematical formulae that deciphers patterns which seemingly have nothing to do with other patterns whilst in fact it has everything to do with another.

Time and trend waits for no man. The relevance, agility and ingenuity of these formulae ride the evolution and adaptation rollercoaster to prove accuracy and reliability.

Our charge? To predict the probabilities of the future. Whilst some may refer to hindsight as an exact science the Empiric Capital promise is founded in the basic measure of consistent, sustainable, long-term return on investment results. The simplicity of The Believability Rule.

Empiric Managed Capital is a technology company operating in financial markets invested in global liquid, large and midsize listed companies where strategic investment decision making is the sole domain of our algorithmic process.